Natale Vinto

*Engineer. Linux. Containers. Kubernetes. FOSS Enthusiast. @natalevinto

Developer Advocate

Hi! I'm a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of expertise on IT and ICT technologies and a consolidated background on telecommunications and Linux operating systems. As a Solution Architect with a Java development background, I spent some years as EMEA Specialist Solution Architect for OpenShift at Red Hat. Today, I'm a Developer Advocate at Red Hat, helping people within communities and customers have success with their Kubernetes and cloud-native strategy.

Books Author

I'm author at O'Reilly and these are the books I authored:

Public Speaking

As an Evangelist/Advocate, I join conferences, events, workshops and tech talks.


I love Tech Conferences and I join them when possible also as a speaker


I'm hosting a tech show called OpenShift Coffee Break at OpenShift.TV a Web TV where we talk all about Kubernetes and Cloud Native.

I join as a CodeCaster the DevNation Deep Dives to do interactive workshops about Kubernetes, Helm, Istio, Knative, Tekton and many more.

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