Hi, my name is Natale Vinto and I’m a Computer Engineer.

I’m from Cosenza, and I live in Milan. I play the keyboard, used to play trumpet, love history, football and tech conferences.

I currently work at Red Hat as Developer Advocate for OpenShift


$ whoami

I’m a Software Engineer with a consolidated background on Telecommunications and Mobile Platforms. Use Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, Go in my daily tasks.

I like Operative Systems and Software isolation techniques such as Virtualization and Containers, working efficiently on Linux Server environments, KVM, Kubernetes and Docker. I’m familiar with Cloud computing theory and Public Cloud systems as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and I like to study and analyze distributed architectures and file systems.

I work mostly on Kubernetes and OpenShift as DevOps and/or Solution Architect.

My favorite configuration management tool is Puppet, but I feel also comfortable with Ansible and Saltstack.


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